Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Non Negotiable

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Prior to 1911 the interior of the temples were not photographed and published to the general public. What changed this?
a.                  The Church published to thwart the efforts of a member
b.                  Pressure by the public
c.                   Pressure by the media
d.                  Pressure by the government
Yesterday’s answer:
(D)   The Mafia
Once the decision was made to open a city to missionary work [the reopening of the Italian Mission in 1965], the elders adopted a strategy of meeting local power brokers to facilitate entry into the community’s social and religious space. Missionaries sought to meet the mayor, the local Catholic priest, and (in northern Italy) Communist leaders. Sometimes these efforts led to unexpected encounters. In one southern city, upon inquiring who could help find an apartment, the missionaries were told to go to the plaza to meet “the employment counselor.” There they found a man “Like someone out of the Godfather movie sitting in the park, drinking wine, people consulting him. We explained our religion. He listened for a while, then he said, ‘OK—you’ll be all right.’” A short time later someone appeared and informed them that “we knew you were coming and Giuseppe said we should help out.” The missionaries discovered later that their benefactor was one of the Mafia chieftains in town.

James A. Toronto, The “Wild West” of Missionary Work” Reopening the Italian Mission, 1965-71, Journal of Mormon History, Fall 2014, 8.

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