Thursday, January 4, 2018

Nursing School

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For those women called to be nurses during the late 1800s, where did they receive their training?
a.                  The Relief Society
b.                  LDS Business College
c.                   University of Utah
d.                  The Priesthood
Yesterday’s answer:
C.   St. Paul, Minnesota
From the life of Talma Emerson:   He labored in the states of Iowa and Minnesota, under the presidency of William H. Palmer, being very successful in his mission. He had several extraordinary experiences, one of which occurred in the city of St Paul, where he and his companion were arrested and incarcerated for one night. The next morning they were turned loose, and informed that there was no charge against them. Later the city commission informed them that it had been made a misdemeanor for “Mormon” missionaries to preach in their city. In the discussion that followed, Elder Pomeroy bore a strong testimony of the truth of the message they were bearing, thus preaching the gospel to the very men who were responsible for the anti-Mormon regulation. He returned home in October, 1885, after having been honorable released.

Andrew Jenson, L.D.S. Biographical Encyclopedia, (Salt Lake City, Andrew Jensen Memorial Association, 1936), 4: 53.

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