Friday, January 12, 2018

The Most Widely Advertised Man

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Who believed he was the “most widely advertised man in many respects in the United States?”
a.                  George Q. Cannon
b.                  Joseph Smith
c.                   Porter Rockwell
d.                  Brigham Young
Yesterday’s answer:
C.   Yarn spun by a beginner
An expert on the spinning wheel could control the thickness of the thread, depending on how hard or soft the finished product felt. Some wool was spun tighter and twisted harder if it was to be used for warp in a loom. Other yarn, which would be knitted into stockings, shawls, scarves, and mittens, was made with two fine threads doubled and twisted together. A single thread was used to weave cloth. If the person spinning was just learning, or if the spinner was not skilled, the finished yarn would not be very uniform. This yarn was called “pig trough yarn.”

International Society Daughters of Utah Pioneers, Museum Memories, (Salt Lake City, Utah: Talon Printing, 2011), 3: 262.

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