Thursday, February 15, 2018

Hannah Tapfield King’s Issue with the Brethren

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Early pioneer Sister King had issues with some of the leading brethren of the Church. Who was #1 on her list that caused her to complain?
a.                  Brigham Young
b.                  Jedediah M. Grant
c.                   Orson Hyde
d.                  George A. Smith
Yesterday’s answer:
(D)   Italy
Referring to the first Italy mission:   To initiate this change, [Lorenzo] Snow, Stenhouse, and Woodard ascended a high mountain near Torre Pellice, and there on a projecting rock formation, Snow offered a prayer dedicating Italy to the preaching of the gospel and imploring God to prepare the hearts and minds of the Italian people to hear the message of this servants. Motions were then made and carried to formally organize the Church in Italy, with Snow as president and Stenhouse as secretary. The three missionaries then sang hymns and took turns praying and prophesying about the future of the Italian Missions. When they had completed their business, they were reluctant to leave a place of such great natural beauty and rich spiritual outpouring. Snow proposed that, in honor of the momentous occasion, they call the high mountain “Mount Brigham” and the bold projecting rock on which they stood the “Rock of Prophecy.”

Terryl L. Givens and Matthew J. Grow, Parley P. Pratt: The Apostle Paul of Mormonism., BYU Studies, Vol. 51, Number 2, 2012, 88-90.

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