Wednesday, February 21, 2018

His Only Friend

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When Brother Giannini was baptized into the church as the only member in his little Italian village, the Catholic priest worked to turn people from him. Later when men from the servicemen’s ward in Italy checked in on him, he stated his best friend was what?
a.                  The priest that worked to turn his friends away from him
b.                  The local Mafia
c.                   The Book of Mormon
d.                  The Elders that baptized him
Yesterday’s answer:
(A)               Wagon repair and baking
In the 1840s, Young appraised the common needs of companies leaving from Winter Quarters. He instructed each fifty to recruit its own blacksmith and wagon-maker/repairer who would shoe horses and repair wagons on Saturday afternoons, a time devoted also to washing and baking.

Glen M. Leonard, Seeking An Inheritance: Mormon Mobility, Urbanity, and Community, Journal of Mormon History, Spring 2014, 17.

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