Wednesday, February 28, 2018

They Accused the Mormons

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On December 2, 1913 when a number of young ladies disappeared from the Chicago area, an official expressed his opinion that it was the Mormons that were involved in the crime. Where was the official from?
a.                  Denmark
b.                  Washington D.C
c.                   Chicago
d.                  England
Yesterday’s answer:
(C)   Respect
The inhabitants of Nauvoo at the time seem also to have held Emma and the RLDS Church of which she was a part in high regard. Emma’s death was of such significance within the town that it motivated a second printing of the local paper on May 2, 1879, to correct the omission of a death notice in the first. Almost a century later, locals still shared details of the funeral: “Every statement ever made by anyone who attended that funeral mentions people present weeping that this good woman was no more. Most of these mourners were not Latter Day Saints.”

Lee Wiles, “Monogamy Underground: The Burial Of Mormon Plural Marriage In The Graves Of Joseph And Emma Smith,” Journal of Mormon History, Summer 2013, 7.

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