Sunday, February 4, 2018

Why Utah was Named Utah and not Deseret

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Why did the U.S. government not agree to Deseret as the name of the state?
a.                  It was not the politician’s idea
b.                  To persecute the Saints further
c.                   Because of Deserets religious connotations
d.                  The Saints decided Utah was better
Yesterday’s answer:
(A)               John Taylor
The issue of occasionally and out of necessity performing temple ordinances outside of a temple was well addressed by John Taylor. “Although it is very important that Temples should be built, the Priesthood is not for the Temple, but the Temples are for the priesthood, and while the Saints are doing all in their power to build Temples, the Lord will accept of ordinances performed, under [certain] conditions, in a place, if it is not a regular temple, that has been especially set apart for these purposes.”
“Which is the Wisest Course,” The Transformation in Mormon Temple Consciousness, 1870-1898. Richard E. Bennett, BYU Studies Vol. 52, No. 2, 2013, 10.

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