Thursday, March 29, 2018

Holding Up the Ship

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Because so many Saints crossed the ocean from Europe to America, shipping companies and ship captains were willing to hold the ship if the Saints needed the ship to momentarily be stalled. Why was the ship Enoch Train held up in early 1856?
a.                  The discovery of a missing baby
b.                  So the Saints could baptize people wanting to go to America
c.                   General Conference
d.                  Mission Conference
Yesterday’s answer:
C   A recommend
After Jackson County had been designated by a July 1831 revelation as the location of the city of Zion, other revelations directed how decisions would be made as to who would go to Missouri. Section 58 in the Doctrine and Covenants, revealed on August 1, 1831, stated that after Bishop Edward Partridge let Church leaders know how many people could be accommodated in Jackson County, the elders of the Church would decide who would go. Section 63, revealed on August 30, 1831, also said that Joseph Smith would be able to determine by the Spirit other individuals who needed to go to Zion. Those going to Zion had to have a recommend from either Bishop Newel K. Whitney in Kirtland or from three elders in the area where they lived before they could depart. Using such a process, the Church had approximately 1,200 members in Missouri by early 1833.

From the Editors of the Joseph Smith Papers, 20 Things you Didn’t Know About Church History, LDS Living, September/October 2015, 34.

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