Monday, March 5, 2018

Moses Mahlangu Conversion

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In the 1960’s Moses, a black African from South Africa came in contact with the Book of Mormon. Not being able to find the LDS Church, what did Moses and friends do?
a.                  Write Salt Lake City
b.                  Pray for the elders to come to them
c.                   Meet on Sunday and read from the Book of Mormon
d.                  Try to convert their minister
Yesterday’s answer:
C.   Politicians
As a representative from the Territory of Utah striving to bring about Utah statehood, [George Q.] Cannon courageously and calmly faced opposition. He observed:
“The modern politician is a moral coward. He has not the courage to defend a weak, unpopular side, especially if the question of ‘Mormonism’ be involved. They are as afraid of being suspected of having any sympathy with that, as they would be of the contagion of small-pox.” (January 28, 1873)

Richard Dilworth Rust, “The Online Journal of George Q. Cannon, BYU Studies, Vol. 55, 2016, 40.

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