Friday, March 16, 2018

Not Always, but Sometimes

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Joseph Smith Sr.

Not always, but sometimes husbands and wives would do this in the early church at the time of Joseph Smith Sr.. What was it?
a.                  Married by Brother Smith
b.                  Received a second baptism at the hand of Father Smith
c.                   Received their Patriarchal Blessings together under the hands of Patriarch Smith
d.                  Home and visit taught together under the insistence of Joseph Smith Sr.
Yesterday’s answer:
A.                   He was converted into the church
From the life of Abel Smart:   Brother Smart was married Sept. 20, 1869, and ordained an Elder the same day by Samuel H. Smith; was ordained a High Priest March 27, 1883, by George Barber, and was associated with the High Priests’ quorum of Cache county from 1883 to 1889, moving then to Ovid, Bear Lake county, Idaho, where he entered the High Priest’ quorum: he was called to labor in the Logan Temple by President John Taylor, remaining there till the latter part of 1885, when the raids of the enemy became so persistent that Brother Smart went into retirement. He had a hard time of it, living chiefly in the mountains and not sleeping in a house for two years; at one time he got snowed in between Bear Lake and Cache counties and for three days and nights had no food or shelter; one of his feet was frozen and he contacted pneumonia, from which he has never fully recovered. The deputy marshals were quite active in searching his premises and on one occasion he was within three feet of them, but their intended victim escaped. It is worthy of note that when Brother Smart left home it was to make a trip around the world. Hearing at Omaha of Brigham Young and the Great Salt Lake he headed this way, heard the truth and embraced it.

Andrew Jenson, LDS Biographical Encyclopedia (Salt Lake City: Andrew Jenson History Company, 1914), 33.

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