Sunday, April 8, 2018

Antonino’s Letter

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In 1965 non-member Antonino Giurintano desired baptism. He was getting ready to send his letter to the Swiss Mission home when who appeared at his home?
a.                  The Angel Moroni
b.                  The Three Nephites
c.                   The Swiss mission president
d.                  Elders
Yesterday’s answer
C   British Saints
In 1841 once Young and other apostles returned from their mission to the British Isles, Joseph shifted the responsibility for selling land to them. The trust they had built with English converts was a strong motive that encouraged these hopeful Saints to quickly buy Church property and establish homes. One consequence was a British neighborhood in Nauvoo’s northern lots.

Glen M. Leonard, Seeking An Inheritance: Mormon Mobility, Urbanity, and Community, Journal of Mormon History, Spring 2014, 19.

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