Sunday, April 22, 2018

J. Golden Kimball’s Dilemma

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J. Golden Kimball

J. Golden Kimball found himself in a dilemma. He sought counsel and was told to fast and pray. What was he fasting and praying for?
a.                  The girl he should marry
b.                  If he should fulfill a mission
c.                   If he should pay his tithing or his bills
d.                  If he should join the church
Yesterday’s answer:
B   Other ministers speaking to his people
Owenite socialist John Finch visited Nauvoo in September 1843 and commented on the tolerance Joseph Smith showed toward other religions. Finch wrote that Joseph Smith was “liberal and charitable, in speaking of other sects, said he considered that the great principle of Christianity was love, and affirmed that there was more of this love-spirit among his followers than is to be found in any other sect.” Finch was impressed that Joseph requested him to stay in Nauvoo and deliver lectures on his beliefs to his people. He stated, “Joe Smith was in the practice of inviting strangers, who visited Nauvoo, of every shade of politics or religion, to lecture to his people. An Unitarian minister, from Boston, was to lecture to them the following Sunday. He said that he allowed liberty of conscience to all, and was not afraid of any party drawing his people away from him.”

Matthew J. Grow, Ronald K. Esplin, Mark Ashurst-McGee, Gerrit J. Dirkmaat, and Jeffrey D. Mahas, Minutes of the Afternoon Meeting of the Council of Fifty, April 11, 1844, BYU Studies, Vol. 55, No. 3 24.

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