Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Never Wanting it Back

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When Thomas Grover met Joseph Smith for the first time in Kirtland, what did he give the Prophet that he refused to take back?
a.                  Money
b.                  His sarcasm
c.                   Horses for the building of the temple
d.                  He gave guns to Joseph Smith’s body guards
Yesterday’s answer:
D.   Shortly after the dedication
From the life of James Henry Anderson:   On his return from Europe in 1892 he was associated for a time with Bishop Orson F. Whitney, on Volume II of the History of Utah, and in the spring of 1893 he again became connected with the “Deseret News” editorial department. While there he compiled the first history written of the Salt Lake Temple, from the laying of the cornerstone to the dedication of the complete structure.

Andrew Jenson, L.D.S. Biographical Encyclopedia, (Salt Lake City, Andrew Jensen Memorial Association, 1936), 4: 2.

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