Monday, April 16, 2018

The 1877 Mission to the Pima Natives

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When 300 to 400 Pima natives came to Elder Daniel Webster Jones desiring to be baptized, what did he do?
a.                  Baptized them
b.                  Taught them
c.                   Encouraged them to join the Catholics
d.                  Discouraged them from being baptized
Yesterday’s answer:
A.                  Converted to the LDS church but had their infants baptized in the Lutheran Church
The rituals of the dominant religion, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark, were a pervasive feature of the social lives of communities and extended families. Latter-day Saints in Arhus sometimes tried to turn back to Lutheranism for special occasions, letting their infants be baptized in the Lutheran Church and asking Lutheran clergy to conduct family funerals. [Frederik Ferdinand] Samuelsen condemned such halfway measures as hypocrisy and called upon the members of his local congregation to cease. He also warned one of the members of the congregation whom he visited regularly as teacher that, if he continued to embrace spiritualism, he would be excommunicated.
Richard L. Jensen, “Mr. Samuelsen Goes to Copenhagen: The First Mormon Member Of A National Parliament,” Journal of Mormon History, Spring 2013, 13-15.  

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