Tuesday, April 3, 2018

The Nauvoo Neighbors Incentive

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What did the Nauvoo Neighbor offer for favorable press about the Saints and Nauvoo?
a.                  Free advertising
b.                  Reduced rates for the paper
c.                   Complimentary green jello and carrots
d.                  Reduced rates if shopping in Nauvoo
Yesterday’s answer:
C   Vanity and folly
From the life of Hannah Tapfield King: King was not by nature a critical person, although she was impatient at times with some people, particularly women, whom she saw as social aspirants trying unsuccessfully to ape the ways of the English upper classes. She was proud of her English middle-class credentials and felt that some of the people were attempting a subterfuge they could not sustain. On one occasion she revealed her prejudices:
“[There is] of course a little Vanity and Folly—and that one sees in the Tabernacle and every where—for the bulk of this people have been raised in poverty and ignorance they Emigrate here—and having been the Servants—and working people of the lands they came out of—they can begin on the first step of the Ladder—for that is where they have always stood—they gain wealth—and being ignorant—they are filled with Vanity and foolishness. . . yet they are perhaps not wicked—but they “feel their Oats” as the Groom say—and they think dress and money makes Men and Women Ladies and Gentleman—out of such a stock grows a “shoddy” aristocracy—no more like the true one “than I to Hercules.”

Leonard Reed, “As a Bird Sing” Hannah Tapfield King, Poetess and Pioneer, BYU Studies, Vol. 51, Number 3, 2012, 110.

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