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They May Not Have Understood

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Some of the early Danish converts were doing what, that could suggest they might not have completely understood?
a.                  Converted to the LDS Church but had their infants baptized in the Lutheran church
b.                  Converted to the LDS Church but continued to attend Lutheran meetings
c.                   Converted to the LDS Church but continued to give the clergy money in the Lutheran church
d.                  Converted to the LDS Church but continued to be married in the Lutheran church
Yesterday’s answer:
B   That polygamy is not a true doctrine
Meanwhile, in Utah, adherents of the LDS Church were disturbed by Emma’s denials that her husband practiced and taught plural marriage. In response to what was known as Emma’s “last testimony” concerning polygamy, Eliza R. Snow, about whom more will be said below, wrote:
I once dearly loved “Sister Emma,” and now, for me to believe that she, a once honored woman, should have sunk so low . . .  as to deny what she knew to be true, seems a palpable absurdity. If what purports to be her “last testimony” was really her testimony she died with a libel on her lips—a libel against her husband—against his wives—against the truth, and a libel against God. . . . It is a fact that Sister Emma, of her own free will and choice, gave her husband four wives, two of whom are now living, and ready to testify . . . that she taught them the doctrine of plural marriage and urged them to accept it.
Eliza signed her letter. “Eliza R. Snow, a Wife of Joseph Smith the Prophet.” Furthermore, Emma’s obituary in the Deseret News, an LDS Church newspaper, stated: “Her opposition to the doctrine of plural marriage which however she at first embraced led to her departure from the faith of the gospel as revealed through her martyred husband. She chose to remain at Nauvoo when the Saints left for the West, and in consequence lost the honor and glory that might have crowned her brow as ‘the elect lady.’”

Lee Wiles, “Monogamy Underground: The Burial Of Mormon Plural Marriage In The Graves Of Joseph And Emma Smith,” Journal of Mormon History, Summer 2013, 7-8.

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