Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Trying to Reason with the Prophet

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Brigham Young

Even though she sat down with Brigham Young and tried to reason with the prophet on why she couldn’t do what he wanted her to do, what eventually became Sarah Jane Veach Lewis’ mission?
a.                  Serve during the Blackhawk war as a nurse
b.                  Sail to England to preach the gospel
c.                   Lean to be a mid-wife
d.                  Become the General Relief Society President
Yesterday’s answer:
A.                   Money
From the life of Thomas Grover:   Shortly after his arrival in Kirtland, Brother Grover called on the Prophet. As he knocked at the door the Prophet opened it and said, putting out his hand: ‘How do you do, Brother Grover. If God ever sent a man he sent you. I want to borrow every dollar you can spare for immediate use. Brother Grover entered the house and conversed with the Prophet about the situation, offering to let joseph have what money he needed. Brother Joseph accepted the offer and told Brother Grover to look around and find a location that suited him for a home and then return, when the money he had advanced would be returned to him. In a short time the place was selected, but Brother Grover refused to receive back his money, saying, ‘I have sufficient for my needs without it.’ From that day the devotion of Thomas Grover to Joseph Smith never wavered.

Andrew Jenson, L.D.S. Biographical Encyclopedia, (Salt Lake City, Andrew Jensen Memorial Association, 1936), 4: 138.

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