Monday, April 23, 2018

White Wash a Toilet Inside and Out

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White Washing a toilet inside and out was one of 373 requirements for which group in the church during the early 1900’s?
a.                  Elders quorum
b.                  The Scouts
c.                   The Cubs
d.                  The Beehives
Yesterday’s answer:
A.                    The girl he should marry
James Hart and the late J. Golden Kimball fell in love with the same girl. Golden Kimball was concerned and took up the matter with one of the Church leaders. It was suggested that he fast and pray.
Months later, Golden met the leader who had advised him, and the latter asked about his affairs. Golden replied, “While I was fasting and praying, James Hart marred the girl.”
The leader said, “That just proves to us all, that faith without works is dead.”

A Time to Laugh, A Briggs Family Collection (Salt Lake City: 1987), 96.

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