Thursday, April 26, 2018

Willard and the Book of Mormon

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Willard Richards

In 1835, prior to Willard Richards joining the Church, how many times in a ten day period did Willard read the Book of Mormon?
a.                  1
b.                  2
c.                   3
d.                  3 ½
Yesterday’s answer:
B   A newspaper reporter
While the evacuation from Nauvoo continued, [Samuel] Brannan and his colonists sailed around Cape Horn and into the Pacific, stopping for a week to take on wood, water, and a supply of freshly caught fish at the island of Juan Fernandez. Then, like most California-bound ships during the 1840s, the Brooklyn sailed for the Sandwich Islands to reprovision before heading eastward to the California coast on the prevailing winds. During the few days that the Brooklyn lay at anchor off Oahu, the identity of her passengers and the nature of their voyage stirred great interest in the American colony at Honolulu. As Rev. Samuel C. Damon, editor of the town’s leading newspaper, the Friend, stated, California is now to be the grand central rendezvous, while the region around San Francisco is the chosen spot were the latter Day Saints propose to settle.”

Gold Rush Saints, Kenneth N. Owens, (University of Oklahoma Press, Norman, Oklahoma: 2005), 34.

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