Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Claiming to be LDS

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During the 1960s which mission struggled some with groups claiming to be LDS but did not have the authority to make this claim?
a.                  Italy
b.                  China
c.                   Russia
d.                  Australia
Yesterday’s answer:
C   Church Island
Young sent herders to Cache Valley in the summer of 1855 to set up Elkhorn Ranch for Church and private cattle. Briant Stringham was called to lead the group, which included the three Garr brothers. They had tended Church livestock on Church Island (later Antelope Island) in the Great Salt Lake. However, heavy snows in the winter of 1855-56 killed hundreds of cattle and marked the end of the ranch. 

Glen M. Leonard, Seeking An Inheritance: Mormon Mobility, Urbanity, and Community, Journal of Mormon History, Spring 2014, 29-30.

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