Monday, May 28, 2018

Coming to Zion Barefooted

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Like a number of Saints, why did Sarah Ann Clark Bond choose to come to the Salt Lake Valley barefooted?
a.                  They traded their shoes for food
b.                  They wanted to save their shoes for the Salt Lake Valley
c.                   They traded their shoes for oxen and a wagon
d.                  They ate the raw hide off of them because of hunger
Yesterday’s answer:
C   The Word of Wisdom
[Frederik Ferdinand] Samuelsen’s rather extensive diary records his enjoyment of food and drink, documenting a nuanced observation of the Word of Wisdom, whose complex history merits further study. Thomas Alexander found that, around the turn of the twentieth century, individual LDS leaders varied widely on what constituted proper observance and what should be required of Church members. Some apostles considered Danish beer acceptable, including Brigham Young Jr. and Anthon H. Lund, a Dane who served as an apostle (1889-1921) and in the First Presidency (1901-21). Church president Lorenzo Snow emphasized abstinence from meat. Samuelsen’s case may suggest how the policy was observed by other devout Danish Saint at that time. He apparently did not smoke but frequently drank coffee, particularly on social occasions, while, on other occasions, he drank boiled water or hot chocolate. He apparently avoided distilled alcoholic beverages but drank beer and wine. On special occasions, he drank champagne and, for medicinal purposes, the occasional cognac toddy or hot port wine toddy. In 1895 Samuelsen told visiting missionaries that henceforth he would observe the Word of Wisdom—by abstaining from pork. Lars Larsen-Ledet, a local journalist and politician who became Denmark’s foremost advocate for abstinence from alcohol, observe: “When his [Samuelsen’s] colleagues ordered drinks, Samuelsen quietly let the battery of bottles pass him by. At the most, he sipped a glass of Champagne. Thanks to this restraint he maintained his health and his naturalness. In other words: a splendid fellow.”

Richard L. Jensen, “Mr. Samuelsen Goes to Copenhagen: The First Mormon Member Of A National Parliament,” Journal of Mormon History, Spring 2013, 15-16. 

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