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Edward Partridge Jr. Generosity

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During the April General Conference of 1854, Edward Partridge Jr. learned that he was being called to the Sandwich Islands [Hawaii] on a mission along with 20 other missionaries. This is in the day when missionaries traveled without purse or script. Arriving in San Francisco, Edward earned the money for his ocean passage. What did he do with the money?
a.                  Donated it to the Salt Lake Temple fund
b.                  Gave it to the poor in San Francisco
c.                   Gave it to his fellow missionaries for their passage
d.                  Gave it to LDS families in the area so they could travel to the Salt Lake Valley
Yesterday’s answer:
C   Home literature
Within this context, the reading material of young Latter-day Saints received particular attention. Suspicion of fiction was of course a time-honored sentiment in the United States, even as novels became the preferred reading of millions; the Mormon case is one example of how that sentiment died out unevenly and flared up occasionally throughout the century. By the late 1880s, however, a new generation of Latter-day Saints envisioned the development of a Mormon literature through which authoritative message could be delivered by means of entertaining stories. An ardent sermon by charismatic young bishop Orson F. Whitney solidified the name of the movement—Home Literature.

The 1890s Mormon Culture of Letters and the Post-Manifesto Marriage Crisis, Lisa Olsen Tait, BYU Studies Vol. 52, No. 1, 2013, 105.

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