Friday, May 11, 2018

Membership in the Order of Enoch (United Order)

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What was required by the Saints to gain membership in the Order of Enoch?
a.                  Baptism
b.                  Endowments
c.                   Celestial marriage
d.                  Be ordained a High Priest
Yesterday’s answer:
C   Gave the money to his fellow missionaries for their passage to Hawaii
At general conference on April 6, 1854, twenty-year-old Edward Jr [Partridge]. was among twenty men called on a mission to the Sandwich Islands. Edward began immediately to make the necessary preparations for the journey to the coast of California. Like other Mormon missionaries of the time, he was to go without purse or scrip and was to depend on the contributions of members and sympathetic nonmembers as well as income he might earn through temporary employment to pay for his travel expenses and to provide the necessities of life during this tenure as a missionary. In July he arrived at Los Angeles where, for the first time in his life, Edward beheld the ocean and an ocean-going ship. Between July 10 and December 1, Edward lived in the San Francisco Bay area; he quickly earned enough money for his own steerage passage but donated it to other missionaries. By November, Edward and the other two remaining missionaries of the original twenty obtained passage on the brig Abigale. Although there were ocean-going steamers at the time, the missionaries apparently elected to travel to Honolulu by sailing ship because the fare was cheaper. It took the ship twenty-two days to travel from San Francisco Bay to the island of Oahu. On the voyage, Edward wrote that he was sea sick only on the first day and seems to have felt fine for the rest of the journey even though the slow progress of the wind-driven ship made the “time pass wearily away.”

Two Early Missionaries in Hawaii, Mercy Partridge Whitney and Edward Partridge Jr., Scott H. Partridge, BYU Studies Vol. 52, No. 1, 2013, 141-142.

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