Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Praying for Food

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Wiped out by the crickets, Frances Ann Adams and her children prayed for food. When they woke in the morning, what was in the back yard?
a.                  Sego Lilies
b.                  A buffalo
c.                   A cow
d.                  A sack of wheat
Yesterday’s answer:
B   Death
The D&C 61 reference to “the destroyer” riding “upon the face” of the waters was likely interpreted by early Saints as death rather than as Satan. In much of Protestant discourse in 1830s America, the “destroyer” was often equated with death or the “Angel of Death.” In America at that time, diseases often spread along waterways. These rapid-spreading diseases frequently led to numerous death. For example, by the end of July 1832 (less than a year after this revelation was given), a cholera epidemic that spread via the nation’s waterways killed 2,000 people in New York City alone.

From the Editors of the Joseph Smith Papers, 20 Things you Didn’t Know About Church History, LDS Living, September/October 2015, 34-35.

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