Monday, May 7, 2018

The Newark, New Jersey Protest

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In late 1844 what caused the Newark, New Jersey Saints to protest?
a.                  The deaths of Joseph and Hyrum
b.                  Parley P. Pratt replacing Samuel Brannan as the editor of The Prophet
c.                   Governor Fords handling of the Saints in the Nauvoo area
d.                  Tithing settlement
Yesterday’s answer:
D   Teamster caused
In an 1849 company traveling to Utah, William Appleby described an event when “a Driver or Teamster of one of Mr. [Edward] Sayres [Sayers] got into dispute with Mrs. S. (Mr. S. being absent) in regard to driving the Team. He called her by some base, vile epithets, when she retaliated by using a whip on him. He then struck her and blacked one of her eyes. He was left to the care of the officers of the Camp to deal with him for the same.”

Violence and Disruptive Behavior on the Difficult Trail to Utah, 1847-1868, David L. Clark (BYU Studies, Vol. 53, Number 4, 2014), 92.

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