Thursday, May 31, 2018

The Theological Bombshell

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The fall general conference of 1852 was life changing in more ways than one. This conference was so significant that the conference date was upped to August.  In our life time we have heard major announcements come across the pulpit. 1852 was no different for the Saints. Many missionaries were called over the pulpit for the first time to serve in nations that required them to learn a foreign language. There was another announcement, more like a bombshell. What was it?
a.                  The announcement of polygamy
b.                  The Word of Wisdom
c.                   Cracking down on Tithing
d.                  The perpetual emigration fund
Yesterday’s answer:
C   No different than going on his missions
From George Q. Cannon:   I desire most earnestly to know the will of the Lord and to do it. If it be to go to prison, I feel quite resigned and desire to have the same pleasure in doing so that I have always had in taking missions. If it should not be His will for me to go to prison I cry unto Him from the depths of my soul that it may not endanger any of His servants, or throw any discredit upon His work. (March 4, 1886)

Richard Dilworth Rust, “The Online Journal of George Q. Cannon, BYU Studies, Vol. 55, 2016, 40.

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