Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Weening the Youth off of Novels

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During the 1880s the church started a campaign to turn the youth from the national trend of novels. What was the campaign called?
a.                  Pioneer Literature
b.                  LDS stories
c.                   Home Literature
d.                  Church propoganda
Yesterday’s answer:
A   Another Elder’s child drank poison
From the life of Albert Wesley Davis:   Having been called on a mission to the Sandwich Islands, he left his mountain home Jan. 28, 1885 and returned March 27, 1887, after performing a laborious mission on the Islands. While in this mission he with others witnessed a miraculous healing in the case of a little girl, a daughter of Elder Geo. A. Wilcox, who had accidentally taken a quantity of strychnine. The accident was not discovered until the child was in a dying condition. The Elders administered to her and she was instantly healed.

Jenson, Andrew, LDS Biographical Encyclopedia (Salt Lake City: Andrew Jensen History Company, 1914), 2: 410-411.

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