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All Important in his Sight

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Which Prophet of the church had a little girl approach him asking for his autograph when his attention was momentarily diverted. When he went to sign the little girl’s book, she was gone. He had a search put out for her so that he could sign her book. Who was the prophet?
a.                  Thomas S. Monson
b.                  David O. McKay
c.                   George Albert Smith
d.                  Howard W. Hunter
Yesterday’s answer:
C   Temple clothing
From the life of John W. Taylor:   Charged with entering into plural marriages after the 1904 “Second Manifesto,” and of aiding others to do likewise, Taylor told the Twelve, “I have never married anyone without the endorsement and authority of the President of the Church, and if you desire I will give the names of those I have married, but I think this would be unwise.”
“I have no aspirations in an ecclesiastical way,” He added. “I have a large family of children, my wives to take care of and my business needs my attention. I don’t say these things out of disrespect, but I would like you to do as you think best, not because of lack of testimony, but feel free in regard to my case. . . .
“I am a different man to what I have been. I am not a man of spiritual temperament as I was at one time. . .  In my parting with you, I desire to go with a spirit of kindness and with the best purposes. I feel freerer [sic] today than I have felt for the past four or five weeks.”
March 28, 1911: Excommunicated by the Quorum of the Twelve for “insubordination.”
October 10, 1916:   Died of cancer at the age of fifty-eight in Salt Lake City.
Prior to his death, he had told his wives, “No tears. . . I will be waiting for you over there. I must go now to prepare a place. And when I leave I want no mourning, I want no flowers, no public display. No funeral, I am a nomad. Let the ashes of this wandering body blow with the winds from some mountain peak.”
Speculation as to whether the ex-apostle would be buried in his temple clothes caused curious onlookers to attempt to view the body. Family security prevented this. His wife Nettie related that on the night of Taylor’s death, President Joseph F. Smith, regretting his role in Taylor and Cowley’s dismissals, called privately at her home and gave her a package containing temple robes. He was buried in the Salt Lake City Cemetery.
May 21, 1965:   Reinstated as a Church member in full standing by authorization of President David O. McKay.

Richard S. Van Wagoner and Steven C. Walker, A Book of Mormons, (Salt Lake City: Signature Books, 1982), 364-365.

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