Monday, June 4, 2018

Chief Washakie Returned the Child

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Sioux natives kidnapped the child of pioneers Moses and Catherine Byrne while they were living at Fort Bridger, Wyoming in the early 1860’s. Ute Chief Washakie returned the young boy to the family. How long was the boy missing from his family?
a.                  1 year
b.                  6 months
c.                   3 years
d.                  2 years
Yesterday’s answer:
B   The Queen’s horses beds
The reigning monarch was Queen Victoria, who, at age eighteen, ascended the throne in 1837, the year the British Mission was established. She was head of state for sixty-four years. When Elders Woodruff, Kimball, and Smith were in London in 1840, they visited the queen’s palaces and observed all the elegance and external trappings of the monarchy—the parks, the stables, the horses and horse men, the footmen, and the regal processions whenever the queen went out in public. On September 17, 1840, George A. Smith commented on such things when he and Elder Kimball visited the queen’s stables at Buckingham Palace. The beds the horse lay on, he wryly observed, “are better than those which half the people in London sleep upon.”

Men With a Mission 1837-1841, James B. Allen et. al, (Deseret Book, Salt Lake City, Utah: 1992), 13.

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