Monday, June 11, 2018

Going Undercover

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B. H. Roberts in disguise

Why was it necessary for B.H. Roberts to disguise himself and go undercover when serving as Assistant President of the Southern States Mission?
a.                  So the Missouri mob wouldn’t recognize him
b.                  To be able to preach in no preaching areas
c.                   To recover the dead bodies of two of his missionaries
d.                  To return to Utah unharmed
Yesterday’s answer:
A   Pay the Quorum of the Seventy
From the life of Abraham H. Cannon:   Returning from a three-year mission to Europe, he was ordained and set apart to the First Council of Seventy: “In the Council of the Twelve . . . the remark had been made that we did not fully tend to our duties. The proposition was also made to pay us a salary . . .  so that we might devote less time to business and more to our ministry. I told Father I would prefer to receive no salary, and as for neglect of duty I had tried to do my best. It would however, please me very much if I could be honorable released.”

Richard S. Van Wagoner and Steven C. Walker, A Book of Mormons, (Salt Lake City: Signature Books, 1982), 41.

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