Thursday, June 7, 2018

Sawing Logs

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According to Howard Egan’s journal of July 27th, 1847, some men continued to plow land in the Salt Lake Valley while other men were sent to cut logs. What were the logs for?
a.                  To construct a fort
b.                  To construct a meeting house
c.                   To construct a boat
d.                  To construct a temple
Yesterday’s answer:
C   By the photograph she took of him in her mind
Drusilla Hendricks so dreaded sending her son away with the Mormon Battalion that at first she refused to let him go. When the final call came for more men, Drusilla remembered, “William raised his eyes and looked me in the face. I knew then that he would go as well as I know now that he has been. I could not swallow one bite of breakfast but I waited on the rest thinking I might never have my family all together again. I had no photograph of him but I took one in my mind and said to myself, If I never see you again until the morning of the resurrection I shall know you are my child.”

Women’s Voices-An Untold History of The Latter-day Saints 1830-1900 (Salt Lake City: Deseret Book Company, 1982), 11.

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