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Why They Believed Him

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When Joseph Smith Jr. spoke to his family and related to them the things Moroni told him, his family believed him, why?
a.                  It made more sense than the other religions of the day
b.                  Because of Joseph’s lack of education
c.                   Their minister confirm what Joseph was saying was the truth
d.                  The Angel Moroni appeared to the Smith family
Yesterday’s answer:
D.   Ice
The next crossing is known as the Fifth Crossing of the Sweetwater. Clayton’s Emigrant Guide also describes that location: “FITH CROSSING—GOOD COMPING PLACE.   After this, the road leaves the river again, and you will probably find no water fit to drink for sixteen and a half miles.”
Past the Fifth Crossing, the trail passes a swampy area that is called Ice Spring. Clayton’s Emigrant Guide describes the area: “On the top of this (reaching the bluff after leaving the Sweetwater), we appear to have a level road where there is plenty of grass and apparently swampy and soft. It extends in the same direction with the road a mile and a half and appears to terminate where the road crosses the lower land although the grass and hollow continue southward for some distance. Just about where the road crosses at the west end there is some water standing around a small, circular, swampy spot of land probably about a half an acre. Near the edge at the northwest corner is a hole dug which is called the Ice Spring. The water in the hole smells strong of Sulphur and alkali and is not pleasant tasting, but under the water, over a foot deep, there is as clear ice as I ever saw and good tasting. Some of the brethren had broken some pieces off which floated and I ate some of it which tasted sweet and pleasant. The ice is said to be four inches thick.”

Stewart E. Glazier and Robert S. Clark, Journey of the Trail (Salt Lake City: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 1997), 134.

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