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He Never Made it to California

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Non-member James Henry Martineau, enroute to California in 1850, never made it any further than Salt Lake City. It was here that he heard the gospel and joined the Church. Who taught him the gospel?
a.                   Joseph F. Smith and George Albert Smith
b.                  The wife of P. P. Pratt and the wife of Don Carlos Smith
c.                   Brigham Young’s wives
d.                  Brigham Young’s daughters
Yesterday’s answer:
C   The Old Bowery
From the life of Lucy Meserve Smith:   I organized and kept up a Sabbath School for many months before the brethren interfered and reorganized although perfect harmony existed among the teachers and children. The children were so strongly attached to me and took such an interest in their singing and other lessons, that I was appointed to take charge of the female portion and a brother to take charge of the males. Our Chorister visited me and wished me to get up some nice pieces and learn the children to sing preparatory for the celebration on the 24th of July. Now here are some of the songs which I composed and I printed off ten copies with a pen so the little ones could learn them readily, and they made the bowery perfectly ring. They sang with such inspiration that the whole audience were perfectly delighted. Our banners with their appropriate Mottoes were perfectly inspiring. Our children are our glory was one. When our celebration was in marching order we carried a number of blue and white Silk Banners with their appropriate Mottoes, and the boys carried Flags with the stars and stripes.
   Brother Samuel S. Jones composed a very nice piece which I took pains to print ten copies with a pen so that small children could learn them preparatory for the celebration, and I felt proud of the little angelic Choir as they sang so sweetly under the bowery on the 24th of July. . . .

Women’s Voices-An Untold History of The Latter-day Saints 1830-1900 (Salt Lake City: Deseret Book Company, 1982), 270-271.

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