Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Learning More from the Mormons

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When she joined the church a sectarian minister tried to poison Caroline Trott Godfrey’s mind. She stated to him that she had learned more from the Mormons in two weeks than in how many years from him?
a.                  5 years
b.                  10 years
c.                   20 years
d.                  40 years
Yesterday’s answer:
B   Emigrated people from Europe
From the life of Levi Ward Reed:   In his capacity of presiding officer of the Ward, where he resided, the poor were the especial objects of his love and kindness. He extended aid in a quiet way, his private means being liberally used for the benefit of others, the objects of his generosity not being confined to his own Ward. An instance of his practical ideas and method of helping others may be cited. He furnished means for a considerable number of people to emigrate from Europe. This was advanced to them in the nature of a loan. When they came here he would provide a home for them and find them employment to earn means to pay off their indebtedness and become established sufficiently acquainted with the circumstances in the new land, they would start out as they chose; but his kindness did not stop on merely enabling them to come here; it extended to opening the way for them to get a start.

Jenson, Andrew, LDS Biographical Encyclopedia (Salt Lake City: Andrew Jensen History Company, 1914), 2: 412.

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