Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Levi Ward Reed’s Kindness

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Levi Ward Reed was a bishop in early Utah. His kindness knew no bounds and extended past his ward boundaries. What was it that he did?
a.                  Plowed walks when it snowed
b.                  Emigrated people from Europe
c.                   Bought farms for emigrants
d.                  Plowed land for those that didn’t have teams
Yesterday’s answer:
D   Wine
In an 1848 company, Oliver Huntington recorded a spousal whipping:
“We were then 380 1/2 miles from Winter Quarters. . . . [A]ll the camps had got along well, and with few accidents. Three had been run over in our camp and one wagon turned over which was brother Gates’. He blamed his women severely for it, and what mortified him worse than all, it disclosed a bbl. of wine; before unknown. The wagon turned square bottom side up, no one in it. That night he quarreled with his wife and whipped [her]. The guard about 11 o’clock saw it and when the hour came to cry, he loudly cried 11 o’clock, all is well and Gates is quarreling with his wife like hell.”

Violence and Disruptive Behavior on the Difficult Trail to Utah, 1847-1868, David L. Clark (BYU Studies, Vol. 53, Number 4, 2014), 93.

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