Monday, July 30, 2018

Proxy Sealings After his Death

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According to the Journal of Mormon History women continued to be sealed to Joseph Smith after his death. How many years after his death did this continue?
a.                   11
b.                  27
c.                   53
d.                  61
Yesterday’s answer:
A   The team’s non-member pitcher
Baseball in the South Africa Mission: The inaugural meeting of the Cumorah Baseball Club took place in the Church’s building on Main Road in the Cape Town suburb of Mowbray on August 10, 1932. Christened “Cumorah” some years previously, the hall served as a chapel, meeting room, office, and quarters for the Dalton Family and several missionaries. Dalton name R. C. Robinson, a non-Mormon physician from Cape Town and possibly the best pitcher in the country, as captain. When the topic of naming the team came up, a missionary near the back quietly suggested “Cumorah.” Dalton’s first inclination was to down play this suggestion but others though the name “catchy and different.” Those in attendance included “several business men, two doctors, a lawyer, an undertaker, some students, a Bible student missionary (later a covert), an atheist, some railway men, some members of the church, and five missionaries.” They asked what the name meant and, after Dalton explained, the inquired exclaimed, “Well, if we get the game with you fellows, we should have the name also, and I move we adopt the name Cumorah as our club name.” The motion passed, and the Cumorah Baseball Club was officially formed.

Booker T. Alston, The Cumorah Baseball Club: Mormon Missionaries and Baseball in South Africa, Journal of Mormon History, Summer 2014, 103.

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