Tuesday, July 31, 2018

The Distinctive Difference

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What made the Mormon settle distinctive from non-Mormon settlements in the west?
a.                  The number of chapels per capita
b.                  The size of the streets
c.                   The number of gardens
d.                  The number of temples
Yesterday’s answer:
C   53
I consider Joseph Smith’s union to Fanny Alger to be the first plural marriage; but since it occurred before the keys of sealing authority were restored, I believe it was a marriage performed by priesthood authority for “time only” (Levi Hancock reportedly officiated) and would have required being performed a second time by proxy using sealing authority in a temple setting to become a “time and eternity” marriage. As observed above, most of Joseph Smith’s plural wives were sealed to him vicariously in the Nauvoo Temple in January of 1846. Fifty-three years later, because a temple record did not exist for all of Joseph’s polygamous sealing’s, Lorenzo Snow had additional proxy sealing ordinances performed in the Salt Lake Temple. These observations support my conclusion that all sealing’s performed outside of a temple needed to be repeated by the same participants, or by proxy, within temple walls at some point including Fanny Alger’s.

Brian C. Hales, Identifying Joseph Smith’s Plural Wives, Journal of Mormon History, Summer 2014, 163-164.

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