Wednesday, August 15, 2018

A Hasty Decision

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In 1867 the Captain of the emigrant ship Manhattan made a hasty decision that could have long affect emigrant Martha Webb. What was the issue?
a.                  She stowed away and was discovered. The Captain wanted to throw her overboard.
b.                  She didn’t have enough money and the Captain wasn’t going to let her board
c.                   The Captain was refusing any Mormons on his ship
d.                  The Captain wanted to bury her dead son at sea
Yesterday’s answer:
D   Half of the $1.6 million Perpetual Emigration Fund would be forgiven
In 1880 LDS Church President John Taylor proclaimed that the fiftieth anniversary of the organization of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints should be celebrated with a great jubilee year for all Church members. Following the custom of ancient Israel, it was to be a year of rejoicing and forgiveness of debts. In April Conference President Taylor announced that the Church would forgive one-half of the $1,604,000 indebtedness to the Perpetual Emigrating Fund.
In addition, 1,000 good cows and 5,000 sheep were distributed to the poor. Since the previous year had been a dry one, the Relief Society voted to loan part of their stored wheat to needy farmers. Individuals were asked to relieve their distressed debtors, and ZCMI was urged to cancel the debts of the honest poor. A lavish Pioneer Day parade and gathering in the tabernacle capped off the celebration.

International Society Daughters of Utah Pioneers, Museum Memories (Talon Printing: Salt Lake City, 2011), 3: 108.

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