Thursday, August 2, 2018

Called to Come Home

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William Smith

Why was William Smith (brother of Joseph Smith) called home to Nauvoo from the eastern branches?
a.                  It was discovered that he was channeling tithing money into his own pockets
b.                  He was buying land as a final destination for the Saints in the east
c.                   He was renouncing Brigham Young’s authority
d.                  He was taking money designated for the Nauvoo temple for his own personal use
Yesterday’s answer:
B   Advertise the church name on the side of mission cars
Dunns [John Jr. new mission president to Italy] felt that the missionaries should not draw undue attention to themselves in opening new cities to avoid creating more problems for the Church. His concern was no doubt related to the somewhat ambiguous legal status of new religious movements in Italy at the time, opposition from local Catholic officials, and anti-Americanism in areas of Communist influence. When some of the missionaries suggested putting the name of the Church on the side of the mission cars for  publicity,  Dunns refused, explaining rather that “we should try just to be one of the people, just try to mingle with the people” as much as possible. He also directed that, whenever possible, LDS meeting be held “at times that didn’t conflict with Catholic masses on Sundays.”

James A. Toronto, The “Wild West” of Missionary Work” Reopening the Italian Mission, 1965-71, Journal of Mormon History, Fall 2014, 40.

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