Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Early During the 1837 British Mission

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Who rejoiced when it was noised that the apostles and elders sent to England in 1837 first had to fight with evil spirits?
a.                  Joseph Smith
b.                  England’s ministers
c.                   England’s politicians
d.                  England’s Saints
Yesterday’s answer:
C   Guns
Commodore Robert Stockton was already in port at Honolulu aboard the frigate Congress. He was the first to inform the Brooklyn company that war existed between the U.S. and Mexico. (Some sources say Stockton provided the Brooklyn colonists with an additional 150 muskets) The LDS leaders, passenger Edward C. Kemble recalled, “learned with blank displeasure that the seizure of California was contemplated by the United States,” for “such a possible obstruction of their plans to sovereignty . . . had never been imagined by the Brooklyn colonists.” Stockton received the Brooklyn Saints graciously, while informing them that “they would be expected to render assistance in the conquest of the country.” The Mormons were armed and ready to make “any needful acquisitions under the banner of the church. But to help establish the authority of the United States again over themselves was a wide departure from their original plans.”

Gold Rush Saints, Kenneth N. Owens, (University of Oklahoma Press, Norman, Oklahoma: 2005), 34-35.

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