Friday, August 24, 2018

Getting Ready to Leave

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When the Crosby’s were getting ready to leave their Hawaiian Mission, what did Caroline Crosby give the Queen as a gift?
a.                  Pineapple
b.                  A Book of Mormon
c.                   Her Genealogy
d.                  A quilt
Yesterday’s answer:
C   $2500
The following is a visit of Henry Caswall to Joseph Smith in 1842:   He led me to a room behind his store, on the door of which was an inscription to the following effect: “Office of Joseph Smith, President with several Mormons to this sanctum sanctorum, he locked the door behind him, and proceeded to what appeared to be a small chest of drawers. From this he drew forth a number of glazed slides, like picture frames, containing sheets of papyrus, with Egyptian inscriptions and hieroglyphics. These had been unrolled from four mummies, which the prophet had purchased at a cost of twenty-four hundred dollars.
Kerry Muhlestein, Joseph Smith and Egyptian Artifacts-A Model for Evaluation the Prophetic Nature of the Prophet’s Ideas about the Ancient World, BYU Studies, Vol. 55, No. 3, 48.

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