Saturday, August 11, 2018

Log Row

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What was “Log Row” in Salt Lake City in 1849?
a.                  The cabins built in the fort when the Saints first arrived in the valley
b.                  Salt  Lakes first Restaurant
c.                   The cabins that Brigham Young built for his wives
d.                  The name of the first saw mill in the valley
Yesterday’s answer:
A.   A combined couch/bed
Because Utah pioneer furniture makers were influenced by the popular styles in Europe and New England, no uniquely regional pieces or designs developed, with the possible exception of the Mormon couch. This double or single lounge was used as a sofa bed and was produced by most early Utah cabinet shops.
These lounges were usually about six feet long with seats wide enough to serve as beds for overnight guests. The seat consisted of wooden slats parallel to the arms. A cushion or folded comforter was placed on the seat to serve as a mattress. Cushions could also be placed along the backrest to provide comfortable daytime seating.
Double lounges had an extra pair of front legs and slats, which alternated with those in the platform. This section could be pulled forward to make a double bed. These were often called bishop’s couches, as the bishops of the Latter-day Saint wards often furnished lodging got visiting Church authorities and new settlers.

Lesson Committee, Museum Memories-Daughters of Utah Pioneers, (Salt Lake City, Talon Printing, 2010), 2: 274-275.

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