Saturday, August 25, 2018

The New Zealand Temple Site

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When the temple site was chosen by President David O. McKay for the New Zealand temple, how much did the final valuation of the property differ by between the selection committee and the lawyer of the sellers?
a.                  It didn’t, it was the same
b.                  $1000
c.                   $10,000
d.                  $100,000
Yesterday’s answer:
D   A quilt
Once the decision had been made to leave the mission, events moved swiftly. It was agreed that the schooner would have to be sold to help pay to transport the missionaries’ families to the United States. Jonathan [Crosby] went to Tahiti and built a house under contract to help with finances. Caroline [Crosby] determined to accomplish a number of tasks in the time remaining. She would speak to the sisters in their own language, make a quilt as a gift for the queen, and make new clothes for her family. Regarding her attempt to speak Tahitian, she confided: “I felt it quite a cross. I however succeeded better than I had anticipated.” Louisa [Pratt and sister to Caroline] reported, “Today Sister Crosby spoke to the native sisters in their language for the first time. She has not devoted so much time to study as I have.”

Voyages of Faith-Explorations in Mormon Pacific History, Grant Underwood, (Brigham Young University Press, Provo, Utah: 2000), 43.

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