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Homer’s Prophesy

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Homer Duncan

In 1857 Homer Duncan was leading a group of Saints from Texas to the Salt Lake Valley. What did he prophesy to Elizabeth Carter Whitmore Casey in Fort Leavenworth?
a.                  The day she would enter the Salt Lake Valley
b.                  How many children she would have
c.                   That she would serve three missions
d.                  That she would become a wife to Brigham Young
Yesterday’s answer:
C   On a coffin the family was taking with them
From the life of Sarah Jane Humpherys Burbidge:   Upon the death of her father in St. Louis, shortly after their arrival in 1853, the family of Sarah Jane Humpherys was left in a strange land, with strange customs, and no visible means of support.
Her mother, Mary Sudbury Humpherys, relied completely on her faith in the Lord. After three years filled with many hardships, the way was opened for them to continue their journey to Salt Lake.
Orson Spencer, who had been serving a mission for the Church in St. Louis, became ill. Mary Sudbury Humpherys used all of her skills to provide the best care she was capable of rendering. When Brother Spencer realized that he would not recover and would never see his loved ones again, he asked Mary if he provided the means, would she be sure that his remains were brought to Salt Lake. To this arrangement Mary gave her solemn promise.
The following spring preparations were finalized and Sarah Jane travelled with her family to Salt Lake. On the long Journey across the Plains, each night Sarah Jane and her sister Harriet slept in the wagon on the wooden box that contained the metallic coffin with the remains of Orson Spencer. The promise was kept. The Nicholas Groesbeck family travelled in the same company and became lifelong friends.

Pioneer Women of Faith and Fortitude, Daughters of Utah Pioneers: (International Society Daughters of Utah Pioneers: 1998), 1:427-428.

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