Thursday, October 25, 2018

A Hasty Move

What caused Mariane Andersen and her husband to leave the Muddy mission?
a.                  Tax problems
b.                  They lost their faith
c.                   They ran out of money
d.                  Native issue
Yesterday’s answer:
C   Built a chapel out of their own means
From the life of Martha Jennings Adams:   Martha married William Henry Adams, November 3, 1839. She was thirty-one and William was twenty-two years old. Martha and William were baptized in Dover, England, July 22, 1842. Using their own means, they erected a small building in which to have their church meetings. The Dover Branch was growing and prospering when the call came for them to gather to Utah. They sailed on the “Sailor Prince,” from Liverpool, and arrived at New Orleans, May, 1848

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