Tuesday, October 30, 2018

He Initially Opposed


What did Abraham Hunsaker initially oppose sometime (his journal doesn’t state how long after he joined the Church when the situation happened) after he joined the Church in 1840?
a.                  Tithing
b.                  Polygamy
c.                   His calling on a mission
d.                  His calling to be a bishop
Yesterday’s answer:
C   Fill the canals in the area
From the life of Oliver K. Meservy:   During the season of 1913 Oliver planted some forty acres of peas which made vigorous growth until the morning of July 14th, when they were severely frosted. At this date a dry warm spell of weather began, and the North Fork of Snake River, from which he obtained water, having fallen to low water mark, his crops began to burn exceedingly, he not being able to secure enough water to save them. Being much in debt he besought the Lord to spare what was left of his crops. While in the field at about 1 pm, July 21st, he raised his hands and eyes toward heaven and cried “O, where is the God of Jacob?” and as he implored the Lord an inspiration came to him saying, “I will water your crops.” To which Oliver replied, “Even so, Father, let it not only rain, but let It storm in the mountains over the head of the streams and let the river, even the North Fork of Snake river, raise three feet so that all the canals may be filled and all the people be blessed.” In a few hours it began to rain, and thus continued until the ground was wet down the depth of the plowing. The water in the North Fork of Snake river rose to high water mark. All the canals were filled and the volume of water continued abundant to the end of the irrigating season. Much of the crops that had seemed utterly lost were miraculously revived and saved. Never before, nor since, during the 34 years that this region has been inhabited, has any incident similar to this occurred but whenever the river has fallen in July it has continued to fall until the middle or later part of August, and any amount of rain had never before varied its flow enough to be noted.

Andrew Jensen, LDS Biographical Encyclopedia, (Salt Lake City: Western Epics, 1971), 3: 165.

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