Monday, October 8, 2018

Re-baptizing the Apostates

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Lyman Wight

After Lyman Wight was made an apostle he returned to Kirtland in 1842 to baptize those that apostatized in 1838-1839. How many did he baptize?
a.                  About 50
b.                  About 100
c.                   About 150
d.                  About 200
Yesterday’s answer:
A   An angel appeared to him
From the life of David W. Patten:   Elder Patten exhibited great courage in defense of the truth. During a missionary meeting a crude and boisterous intruder disrupted the preaching and challenged anyone to evict him. Brother Patten vowed, “in the name of the Lord I will do it.” and, grabbing the heckler, he carried him to the door and threw him out onto a pile of wood. Some who witnessed the episode reported that “Patten had cast out one devil, soul and body.” On another occasion this powerful servant of the Lord, with only a walking stick, warded off an angry mob. Once a violent enemy approached him with a drawn bowie knife, threatening to cut his throat. Looking him squarely in the eye, David said, “My friend, do nothing rashly.” At the same time he reached slowly into his empty breast pocket. The assailant ran away, screaming, “Don’t shoot!” One night the Lord sent an angel to wake Elder Patten and his companion and warn them to flee from an approaching mob.

Flake, Lawrence R., Prophets and Apostles of the Last Dispensation, (Provo, Utah: Religious Study Center, Brigham Young University, 2001), 352.

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