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The Quorum of the Twelve 1835 Mission

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Original Quorum of the Twelve

The Quorum of the Twelve was organized during Feb. 1835 and a few months later the entire Quorum served a mission to the eastern states.  Where did the Quorum agree to meet to start their mission?
a.                  A tavern
b.                  The Kirtland Temple
c.                   A church in Kirtland
d.                  David Patten’s home
Yesterday’s answer:
B   Owned a circus
From the life of Mary Altaina Catlin Bartholomew:   Mary’s sister, Marinda, married Noah Willis Bartholomew. They joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in 1844 and brought the gospel to Mary’s family. Mary was converted, baptized, and went with her sister’s family to Utah in 1847.
Mary entered into plural marriage and was sealed to Noah on June 17, 1848. Her husband was directed by President Young to assist in the settlement of Fillmore, Utah. Mary remained in Salt Lake City where her first two children were born, then she moved to Fillmore in 1852. They lived in a log house in the northwest part of the old Fillmore Fort. When their family expanded, they built a lovely three-story brick home on the side of the side of a hill. The women baked salt rising bread, doughnuts, and golden sweet apples.
In 1864, Noah attached a carding machine to his four mill for carding wool and rolling it into bundles. The sisters could spin and weave the thread into the much needed cloth.
Their oldest son, George, had a circus which toured Utah in the early days. Mary’s daughter, Matilda, was a bare back horse rider, and her son, Edwin, was an acrobat.

International Society Daughters of Utah Pioneers, Pioneer Women of Faith and Fortitude, (Publishers Press, 1998), 1: 173.

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