Friday, November 23, 2018

A Restless Night

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According to Lucina Mecham Boren, what made the night restless the day Joseph and Hyrum died?
a.                  The fear of the mob coming
b.                  The howling of the dogs
c.                   The crying of the Saints
d.                  The military maneuvers of the Nauvoo Legion
Yesterday’s answer:
B   Giving some sisters the right to bless and heal
. . . LDS women commonly practiced healings and experienced visions. In Kirtland, Ohio, as early as June 1831, LDS members were endowed with the ability to heal and provide blessings for the ailing. Furthermore, at Kirtland in 1835, Joseph Smith Sr. endowed some LDS women with the ability to heal. Beginning in 1842, the Relief Society organized women who visited and aided ailing or pregnant women. These women were charged with blessing, healing, and providing medical care for sick women.
Katherine Sarah Massoth, “Writing An Honorable Remembrance: Nineteenth-Century LDS Women’s Autobiography,” Journal of Mormon History, Spring 2013, 128.

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