Thursday, November 29, 2018

Brigham’s Letter

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In 1865 Brigham Young wrote a letter to a King asking him if he could establish a community in his country. What was the country?
a.                  Russia
b.                  Canada
c.                   Hawaii
d.                  Mexico
Yesterday’s answer:
A   A pass
In reference to the Gibraltar mission:   While on the ship Iberia, Elders [Edward] Stevenson and [Nathan] Porter befriended a Mr. Willis, a resident of Gibraltar. Porter had this to say about how they got into Gibraltar without identification: “We disembarked with our friend Mr. Willis, he having ordered a conveyance to take him to his residence. He invited us to put our luggage in with his and accompany him to his home. We gladly accepted the invitation, and they made our way into the garrison with our friend as a guide which deluded the guards and sentinel at the gate from recognizing us as strangers from any foreign land or clime. So we were permitted to enter through the gate without any questions being asked as to our nativity, who we were or from whence we came, and so we were not under the necessity of obtaining a pass, which is required of all foreigners who wish admittance into the Fortress.”
Reid L. Neilson, “Proselyting on the Rock of Gibraltar, 1853-1855,” BYU Studies, Vol. 55, No. 1, 108.

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